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Weight Loss Pill Fat Burning Green Tea Extract L-carnitine Slimming Belly Leg Arm Detoxification Promotes Bowel Motility Capsule

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    ✅Powerful fat loss and natural ingredients.

    ✅Colon Cleanse & Natural Cleanser.

    ✅Help your body detoxifying process.

    ✅Help your body slim down.

    ✅Accelerate your metabolism.

    ✅Balance calorie consumption.

    ✅Burn fat fast and improve your overall health.

    -Help you shred your unwanted weight & abdominal belly fat while maintaining lean muscle,

    -Helps you reduce late-night cravings & the appetite to reach your weight loss goal faster.

    -Your Everyday Weight Loss Partner.

    -Just ONE capsule before bedtime, partnered with daily exercise and a nutritious diet will help you achieve your weight goals.

    -Approved by the China Food and Drug Administration,highest quality.

    【HOW TO EAT】 3 times a day, 2 capsules each time.

    【Means of storage 】 Place of dry, dark and back light.

    【Weight loss effect 】3 days or a week to start work, one month can lose weight 5-15kg.
    【Shelf life 】 24 months.
    1, during weight loss, avoid eating sweets, spicy, cold, greasy food, strong tea, wine, coffee, carbonated drinks, mung beans, milk, radish, etc., these often detoxified foods do not eat. It is best to eat vegetarian food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.
    2, do not need to deliberately diet.
    3, not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant women, high blood pressure and heart disease patients.
    Warm prompt :
    Please contact us in time if you encounter any problems. Do not initiate disputes at will.
    Using a box is a basic, using three boxes for a perfect cycle, it is recommended to buy 3 boxes.




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