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HW8 Ultra Smart Watch 45mm Series 8 Body Temperature NFC Bluetooth Call Blood Glucose Sleep Monitor Smartwatch Men Women

From R1021.52
  • Color:

  • Size:


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  • Description

    2022 HW8 Ultra Smart Watch Series 8 Body Temperature Bluetooth Call Blood Glucose Monitor Smartwatch Men Women Support Dropshopping Wholesale


    1.If you need to see real pictures,welcome to contact us.

    2.We support wholesale & , please contact us directly for more details,thank you.

    3.This watch is life waterproof .Please don’t wear the watch when swimming,bathing and showering.

    【Basic Information】

    • Modle:  Wearpai Series 8 HW8 Ultra

    • Screen: 2.02 inch TFT LCD screen

    • Screen resolution:420x 480 resolution.

    • Touch screen: Full screen touch + physical buttons

    • Battery: 200 mAh

    • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.2

    • Compatilbe:IOS 10.0 or above/ Android 5.0 or higher.

    • App:Wearfit pro


    2.02 inch full screen,pixel point light control,pure and delicate,rich and colorful,faster response speed,every time you brighten

    the screen,you can always fall in love at first sight


    Built-in various advanced monitoring sensors to monitor your heart rate,blood oxygen,blood pressure and more..great features to

    help you gain insight into your health


    24-hour self-monitoring.take care of your heart rate health 24/7


    Intelligent blood oxygen monitoring,easy to master,oxygen health status throughout the day


    Combined with the new intelligent algorithm of wearfit pro app,monitor user’s blood sugar trends 24/7


    You can pay easily even if you forget your mobile phone,convenient and worry-free,enjoy the burden-reducing life

    • Multifunction NFC

    The watch simulates the NFC access control card,so as to realize the watch use as a key

    *Note:NFC access control card emulation currently only supports unencrypted on the market and the frequency is

    13.56MHZ access card


    make phone call,check the weather,ask for addresses,ask for directions,check meals


    Multifuncitonal smart watch wrist smart remote control,brush moments,watch videos,live broadcast,chasing drama,one

    cannot be missing


    Brand new temperature sensor sensing subtle changes in body temperature


    Added emergency rescue to actively ask for help for you


    Support barometric pressure measurement,sensing air pressure

    【About NFC features】

    1. The watch can be used as the access card of the electronic door lock. The operation method is that the watch can be used to open the door when the watch authority is granted at the electronic access control.

    2. The watch can control the app of the mobile phone. On the mobile phone with CPU above A12 of ios13 system, in the shortcut command, create automation, select NFC tag, and then use the mobile phone to scan the watch and enter data. You can use the watch to quickly open the app and functions of the mobile phone.



    Body Temperature:Support

    Dial market:Support

    One-Touch call:Support

    Altitude Barometer:Support

    Voice Intercom:Support

    Short video control:Support
    Custom component functionality:Support
    Screen off mode:Support
    time setting:Support
    Application market:Support
    Voice assistant: Support
    Blood glucose: Support
    Smart split screen display:Support
    3D dynamic dial:Support
    Scan code connection:Support
    language switch:Support
    bluetooth calls:Support
    Password lock screen:Support
    Play music:Support
    Breath training:Support
    Hourly point measurement:Support
    Sport mode:Support
    Heart rate:Support
    Raise your hand to brighten the screen:Support
    Blood pressure:Support
    Sleep monitoring:Support
    Blood oxygen:Support
    Message notification:Support
    Fatigue analysis:Support
    Sedentary reminder:Support
    Alarm reminder:Support
    WeChat campaign:Support
    Custom watch face:Support
    Find my  bracelet:Support
    Dial switch:Support
    Background brightness adjustment:Support
    For the problem that the bracelet can measure the heart rate in things and in the air, the following explanation is made:
    1.At present, the mainstream heart rate bracelets on the market adopt the same measurement method. The principle is not complicated, that is, the PMG signal of the radial artery is obtained by the reflective photoelectric measurement method, and the fast Fourier transform is performed on the PPG signal to analyze the frequency domain. To achieve the detection of the human heart rate. To put it simply, it is to use a light to the artery and then reflect it back. Based on the change of the reflected light, the heart rate of the human body is calculated.
    2.Due to many factors such as the physiological structure of the human body, the color of muscles and blood, green light is the color with the highest passing rate in the human body. Therefore, the light source of the heart rate sensor uses green light to achieve minimum loss and interference.
    3.Heart rate wristband detection focuses on human tissue. Some data is also read for non-human objects. This is a known and normal phenomenon. After the data is based on the principle of light reflection, the heart rate detection will have a reading. This situation cannot be All avoided, so there will be problems with heart rate data in the case of heart rate bracelet (table) in the case of “air test

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