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High Quality Gym Pull Rope Machine Hanging Rope Trainer Wall Pulley Endless Rope Fitness Equipment Core Training Exercise Home

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    Important statement

    For special reasons, we actually sell Pro version

    Installation mode:

    Wind the multi-purpose fixing belt at least four times around the structure frame to be installed、lever、Longmen frame。

    Both ends of the wound multi-purpose fixing belt pass through the stainless steel buckle。

    Hang the rope trainer on another circle of stainless steel buckle,Connect with the multi-purpose fixed belt。Please note that the main strap of the main sling trainer must be both ends of the multi-purpose strap,Or one of the two ends is matched with a band mouth of a multi-purpose fixed belt。

    Make sure that the stainless steel buckle is locked tightly,Then you can start to exercise!

    Endless Rope in the PossibilitiesThe Endless Rope PRO is an alternative to stand-alone and expensive rope training simulation machines – yet offers more versatility and fun!

    Substantial exercise variety

    Quick adjustability – variable resistance

    Mobility – mount the Endless Rope high to low and virtually anywhere

    Commercial grade – quality construction

    No rope fraying or gloves required!

    The Endless Rope Pro is great for beginning or advanced use within all facility types. Ideal for functional training areas, personal trainers, circuit integration and group classes.

    A full body workout that’s a great builder of strength and fun! Endless Rope exercises are excellent for upper body development as well for building a strong grip and improving agility and coordination skills.


    The Endless Rope can be mounted to any high, mid, or low anchor point in the gym or purchase the Endless Rope Adjust to select various positions on the fly.

    Quality Construction

    The Endless Rope Pro is Electromagnetic resistance provides years of durability and reliability.

    Polyurathane Endless Cord

    The ergonomically designed surface is soft to the touch, easy to grip, and non-porous for easy cleaning.

    Variable Resistance

    Select between 6 levels of intensity! Appropriate for beginner all the way through to advanced users, you select.

    Group training sessions benefit from the integration of the Endless Rope as a fun and different addition to the circuit or program. Feature it on the fitness floor as a great way to add a new and affordable dimension to your free training or functional spaces.

    matters needing attention:

    Installation needs to be done with other equipment、Keep the equipment at a sufficient distance,Avoid being drawn into the resistance shell due to rope rotation during rope training,And cause damage。

    Be careful not to drop the rope trainer or hit a hard surface(For example, the floor,door,Trees or poles)。It is designed to hang freely,Any strong collision may affect and damage the function of the equipment。If necessary, place the equipment close to the ground,Please lay a minimum on the floor3cmThick cushion,To protect it from damage。

    During training,Try to push or pull as smoothly as possible,Moderate acceleration or deceleration。Sudden explosive training will lead to resistance control core will significantly increase friction,In the long run, life expectancy will be reduced。

    In use,Please try not to let the rope rub on the ground,This will increase the wear rate of the product。If the rope touches the ground,Please keep the training floor clean,Because when the rope slips across the ground,May get dusty、Sundries,Then it is transferred to the resistance shell,Causes friction to increase or damage and so on。

    To increase grip and keep the rope clean,We suggest that you wear gloves for training。

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