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2023 Blood Glucose Sugar Oxygen Pressure Sport Smart Watch For Men 1.91 Inch Screen Body Temperature Monitoring Women Smartwatch

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  • Description

    2023 Blood Glucose Sugar Oxygen Pressure Sport Smart Watch For Men 1.91 Inch Screen Body Temperature Monitoring Women Smartwatch

    Basic parameters

    Product number: F57L Smart Watch
    Support mobile OS: IOS9.0 or above, Android4.4 or above

    Master chip: GR5515+64M FLASH
    Gsencor sensor: Rohm KTJ3-1057
    heart rate sensor: Epticore EM7128
    Vibration reminder: Motor vibration reminder
    waterproof level: IP67

    Other parameters

    Display size: 1.91″ square screen resolution: 286*320 (sRGB high color gamut)
    type: IPS LCD
    Bluetooth: 5.1
    strap material: Standard configuration: silicone strap
    size: Host: 41.7 * 35.4mm, thickness: 9.7mm (excluding heart rate) 11mm (including heart}
    weight: Head: 19g Machine: 36g
    color: Black, Pink
    Operation: full touch
    Battery: Polymer Lithium Ion Battery
    battery capacity: 3.7V/260mAh
    Standby time: 30days
    charging method: Magnetic charging cable
    charging time: about 2 hours

    The main function

    Step counting, distance, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature test, sleep monitoring music playing, stopwatch, countdown, calculator, weather display, female physiological period function, remote photography, wrist raising and screen lighting, looking for mobile phones, etc Call reminder (call number/name), information reminder, alarm clock reminder, long sitting reminder, heart rate alarm reminder, Bluetooth disconnection reminder (APP is required to open), etc Multi dial: 3 default dials+1 dial market dial+1 user-defined dial

    Sport mode

    50 kinds: outdoor running, outdoor walking, hiking, indoor running, indoor walking, stepper, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, yoga, HIIT, free movement, fitness, skipping rope, fitness games, rock climbing, Athletics, Aerobics, Baseball, Softball, Baseball, Bowling, Trampoline, Curling, Ice Hockey, Horizontal Bar, Mountaineering, Sailing, Push-ups, Rugby, Golf, Skating, Skiing, Fitness Ball, Basketball, Marathon, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Rowing, handball, parallel bars, billiards, gymnastics, track and field, sled, dumbbells, badminton, floor exercise, football

    APP support language

    19 countries: English Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean German Japanese Russian Spanish Italian French Vietnamese Portuguese Persian Polish Turkish Czech Slovak Hungarian Arabic

    watch language

    Dial Language 2 Countries: English, Chinese. 23 Countries: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, Hungarian English, Turkish, Indonesian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Lithuanian, Greek

    Watch push language

    23 countries: Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Ukrainian, Hungarian, Turkish English, Indonesian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Lithuanian, Greek.

    The passion of sports releases the future A healthy lifestyle starts with your wrist

    High gamut HD ultra narrow frame 1.91-inch large screen
    Monitoring of motion, 24-hour health monitoring, Blood sugar testing, Multi motion mode

    An integrated interpretation of artisan aesthetics

    The coloris rich and delicate, the picture is real and vivid; Whether in bright light or dark The content is clear, the details are clear, and the operation is easier
    1.91 “large screen HD display, 280*320 High color gamut, Aluminium alloy metal case

    8 Reasons to choose Us

    1. 1.91-inch HD screen
    High color gamut, super narrow border, and super large display screen. The color is rich and exquisite, and the picture is real and vivid;
    2. 24-hour heart rate monitoring
    Guard your health 24hours a day
    3. Blood glucose monitoring
    Check your blood sugar anytime, anywhere
    4. Blood oxygen monitoring
    Equipped with a new detection chip, it can detect blood oxygen data.
    5. 24-hour temperature monitoring
    Automatic measurement, more accurate data.
    6. Built in remote sensing photography
    Live up to the good times on the road
    7. Sleep monitoring
    Open the sleep mode, notification message
    do not disturb, for you to quietly reduce the screen brightness.
    8. More than 50 sports modes
    Support up to 50+professional sports modes, based on accurate real-time heart rate detection.

    50+ exercise modes Motion monitoring analysis

    Supports up to 50+ professional exercise modes based on accurate real-time heart rate detection and Al algorithms.The watch will record all the data in the process of movement in real time to ensure that the movement is more efficient and safer.

    As long as you lift your wrist, you can check the data. Exercise data such as distance, pace, lap time, stride rate, calories consumed and heart rate can be saved, and when connected to the APP, historical data can be automatically uploaded

    Keep an eye on Your Health

    The heart rate is fleeting and needs long-term continuous monitoring. The performance of the green light sensor is further improved and the multi-optical path is flexibly matched to help advance warning of health risks and self-management of heart health

    Heart rate monitoring

    The watchis equipped with an optical heart rate sensor, which can beused for daily 24-hour uninterrupted high precision heart rate monitoring. The LED light on the back shines light on the wrist, and the blood flows at different speeds

    Blood glucose monitoring

    Built-in blood sugar detection chip, wear on the wrist, always know your blood sugar value.

    Blood oxygen test

    The smart watch is equipped with the advanced PPG biological tracking opticalsensor. When you are tired of work or after exercise,you can easily measure it and adjust the state in time.

    Interwrist thermometer 24-hour temperature measurement

    When testing the body temperature, the bottom temperature sensor must be fully in contact with the skin (test after wearing for 10 minutes.The temperature test will be affected by the temperature difference ofthe environment and only serve as a warning.

    Scientific sleep monitoring For a good night’s sleep

    Open the sleep mode, notification message do not disturb, for you to quietly reduce the screen brightness. Quietly monitor sleep heart rate,blood oxygen levels, and length of deep sleep…. Don’t let screen light disturb your sleep. Wake up to generate your own sleep report, sleep well or not, the watch will know.

    Cooloperation Experience of wisdom

    NewAngle algorithm, lift the hand screen, turn the hand screen, step calculation is more accurate

    Super large capacity pure cobalt battery Endurance and performance

    The high-performance chip has strong performance and can meet the high performance requirements in typical scenarios of intelligent mode. Low power chip energy saving and high efficiency, combined with intelligent power saving algorithm, can meet the business trip, travellong endurance demand; 260mah under full charge, standby for 1 month, light use for 15 days, deep use for 10 days, heavy use for 7 days.

    New dial design A lot of fun.

    Hundreds of watch faces can be selected at will, but also you can import your favorite picture from the mobile phone DIY your own dial

    H Band APP Easy operation,accurate and scientific data

    Heart rate, blood pressure, scientific sleep, exercise real-time monitoring multi-map, multi-language, data at a glance

    Good More than one color

    The colors are more bright and versatile, highlighting personality.

    More functions for daily use

    Daily use function operation, make life intelligent and convenient so that health real-time visible.

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